How many students take Intro Psych?
We do not know for sure. Best estimates put it between 1.2 and 1.8 million students annually enroll in the course. CITATION: Gurung, R. A., Hackathorn, J., Enns, C., Frantz, S., Cacioppo, J. T., Loop, T., & Freeman, J. E. (2016). Strengthening introductory psychology: A new model for teaching the introductory course. American Psychologist, 71(2), 112-124. doi:10.1037/a0040012

How many undergraduate programs offer Intro Psych?
Approximately 99%.   CITATION: Norcross, J. C., Hailstorks, R., Aiken, L. S., Pfund, R. A., Stamm, K. E., & Christidis, P. (2016). Undergraduate study in psychology: Curriculum and assessment. American Psychologist, 71(2), 89 – 101.

What do students remember from Intro Psych?
Not much. About 80% on the final, 58% 2 years later.  CITATION: Landrum, R. E., & Gurung, R. A. R. (2013). The memorability of Introductory Psychology revisited. Teaching of Psychology, 40, 222-227.

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