Virtual File Drawer

Many instructors conduct pedagogical research on their classes but not all that research makes it to peer-reviewed publication. Sometimes sample sizes are small. Sometimes changes or innovations do not show statistically significant increases in student learning. Often the research makes it to a conference poster or presentation but goes no further. In the past many such research attempts do not make it past the file drawer or in today’s parlance, personal server space. Unfortunately this means many interesting ideas and possibilities for pedagogical change are lost.

This page will feature pedagogical research that has not been published but may serve a heuristic purpose to stimulate further research. We also welcome research snapshots prior to publication. Perhaps designs on this page can be modified and new studies run.


Do you have pedagogical research you would like to share?

Send a summary of your research (short introduction with clear statement of research question; method; main results, and brief discussion) to  Figures clearly showing the main findings are preferred.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology is now accepting Virtual File Drawer articles.